Contemporary art in a pink palace

PAN – my favorite art gallery in Naples

September 2, 2010 by admin

Me and my family have lived in Naples for three years and it has been an unforgettable experience so far. Naples has filled me with so many great memories already. Beautiful town, gorgeous Monte Vesuvio, lively people, amazing spaghetti con sugo di pomodoro and the best pizza in Italy.

But where I really enjoy myself are the art galleries and museums in Italy. PAN – Palazzo Arti Napoli is my favourite and I go and see its exhibitions time after time. Sometimes I feel like its paintings and sculptures feeds me more than pizza. This is my favourite pizza place. ;) .

It is located just minutes from our apartment in the center of Naples. One day a couple of years ago I was just walking on the streets marvelling at the scenery. It was a bit cool day, so I just stepped into the museum to enjoy a little bit of culture and art. And I fell in love with this three-storey pink palace straight away.

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What is Palazzo Arti Napoli?

September 1, 2010 by admin

Palazzo art delle i Napoli (PAN) is an art gallery and a museum that is housed in a pink 16th-century palace located in Via dei Mille in the heart of Naples.

PAN has 6000 square meters to fill with art. It describes itself as a “centre for arts and documentation”. PAN has no permanent collection of art, but it has amazing venue of exhibitions of contemporary art.

Three storeyed building with white small floors are filled with paintings, photographies, trading floors and sculptures. There are works by many Italian artists displayed there such as William Kentridge and Dennis Oppenheim.

Contemporary art exhibition also involve multimedia, design, architecture as well as film screenings, book presentations, lectures, workshops, discussions and theatre events. There are also an experimental art lab, multimedia library, archive and a cafe-bookshop In PAN.

I am sure you would enjoy PAN when you visit Naples!

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PAN library

June 1, 2012 by admin

The PAN Library and Media Library are part of the PAN documentation center. This library has specialized in the arts and contemporary artistic practice. The library is divided into four sections (Neapolitan Section, General Section, the Coen-Cagli Collection Section and a Periodicals Section) which are filled with thousands of monographs and art catalogues.

The PAN library protects its heritage, support study and research, and promote reading and the development of citizen-oriented services. You will need to be a member in order to get access to library materials. Without membership you can use; library search guidance and assistance, on-site reading and consultation, and the option for self-study on library premises.

The Media Library gives you an access to multimedia materials. Visitors may view artistic materials and documentation produced on the Naples’ contemporary arts scene.

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Follow PAN on Facebook

June 1, 2012 by admin

PANDid you know that PAN has its own Facebook group! There you can see the latest videos and photos of the events and exhibitions. Check the upcoming events also. But it is written in Italian..Check the group here.

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April 19, 2012 by admin

Opening at the exhibition at the PAN.

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Get PAN Newsletter

March 1, 2012 by admin

The PAN newsletter keeps you updated. This weekly published newsletter will tell you the latest news concerning art exhibitions, film shows, workshops, cultural events etc.

You can read the newsletter here:

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The other major museums in Naples that I recommend

February 1, 2012 by admin

National Archeology Museum of Naples

Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli has a wide collection of Greek and Roman antiquities such as mosaics, gems, sculptures, glass and silver. There is also a collection of Roman erotica from Pompeii

Museo d’arte Donna Regina

This is also known as Madre. My other favorite contemporary museum. Like PAN Madre also has temporary exhibitions by artists like Jannis Kounellis, Rachel Whiteread and Robert Rauschenberg. There’s also a bar and restaurant. On mondays you will get free admission!

National Museum of San Martino.

This museum has a breathtaking view on the Gulf of Naples. This complex consists of a church, a charterhouse, monastery yards and a terraced garden.

Other things to do in Naples

There are plenty of activities in Naples. You might want to take a day trip to Vesuvius or Pompeii, explore the famous Amalfi Coast or discover Naples in an open-top double-decker bus.

When you get hungry I would recommend these great restaurants, they serve yummy Italian food:,, and of course my favorite

Naples has as bustling nightlife; discos, bars, clubs and casinos (such as this one). I would recommend the and I have spent some crazy nights there :) If you have some extra money and you like gambling, head for casino like Royal Casino or Casino’ Royale S.R.L. And for serious shopping I would head to Mercato di Pucliano, which is Italy’s largest clothing market. More information from and here.

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Riccardo Paci 2010 – PAN

December 31, 2010 by admin

This animation is commissioned by the PAN for the Universal Forum of Culture of Valparaiso (Chile) in 2010. The images that are shown in the animation all come from the archive documentary and art of the PAN.

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PAN – Cantine aperte 2009

May 31, 2010 by admin

This intimate dance still gives me the goose bumps. What a mysterious atmosphere and I love the red dress.
It was amazing night, my two close friends from Finland visited me and we went to see this togehter, thanks for the great company my friends and see you soon!Kiitos :) .

By the way, after this I decided to take dancing lessons. Dancing shows a totally different side of me and I feel more like Italian now.

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May 1, 2009 by admin

This is a catchy and rhytmic performance by Bidonvallirak on the 25th of April in PAN.

The Bidonvillarik is an open ensemble, that plays roots music with street tools such as washing machines, tank, alluminium pipes, trash containers, plastic bottles, bike damaged etc.. Here is more info about recycling and how to go green. This site is also worth of reading. Here you can follow some saving and recyclingtips if you are interested.

Their live performaces are for free, and all songs can be downloaded for free too.

Bidonvillarik band play with irony to sensibilize people to solve trashes crisis, so to respect life level, culture, and love for nature.

Read more about Bidonvillarik here.

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